BornFree Interviews LowHigh – Evo 2018 Tekken Champion

Check out this interview with the world's best Shaheen player from Korea
By on June 10, 2019

BornFree (@bornfreetweets) interviews LowHigh (@tekkenlowhigh) along with Cherry Berry Mango (@tekken_cbm) at Combo Breaker 2019.

LowHigh surprised the world when he took the title in Tekken 7 at his first Evolution tournament in 2018. He’s consistently placed in top 8 and many 1st places at tournaments like Beast Arena Hong Kong IX and REV Major 2018. He had a great 5th place finish at Combo Breaker 2019.

Find out how LowHigh ended up picking Shaheen in Tekken 7. How did he train after getting 10-0’d by his friends when he first started? What are his thoughts about Korea’s current strength in Tekken? What does he like about Tekken 7 and what would he like to see changed?



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