Samurai Shodown 1st Day Patch Will Drastically Improve Screen Lag

By on June 17, 2019

Input lag scientist WydD has reported that SNK has demo’d a new build of Samurai Shodown to show that the on-screen input lag has dropped from 8 frames to 4 frames.

His initial tests with the Japanese Samurai Shodown (aka Samurai Spirits in JP) PS4 demo showed an input lag of 8 frames, which is terrible compared to 4.6 frames of lag in Street Fighter V, King of Fighters XIV, Tekken 7, and Dragonball FighterZ. Releasing the game in this state would have made it one of the laggiest mainline fighting game titles.

This news had sparked some controversy that harkened back to Street Fighter V’s launch with having similar amounts of lag. Having this much lag in the game would make it extremely difficult to react to situations properly or have tight control to perform combos even proper movement. So this finding had left fans very worried about how the game would fare after launch.

Wydd has just now reported that he was able to test a new build of the game that had halved the lag down to 4 frames. This development will make Samurai Shodown one of the most responsive fighting games on the market.

This great turn around definitely shows how hard SNK is working to making a great game that the fans would enjoy. And to demonstrate how much dedication that the SNK team has, they sent a representative to Wydd’s home to have him test the latest build himself.

This is definitely great news for the reboot of this beloved franchise. What are your thoughts about this development? Are you hype for some swordplay action in Samurai Shodown? Let us know in the comments below!

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