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BornFree Interviews Sherryjenix – The Founder of eFightPass

Sherry Nhan shares about her fighting game career and her new org

By Choysauce • August 10, 2019

BornFree (@bornfreetweets) sits down to interview Sherryjenix (@sherryjenix) at EVO 2019!


Sherry ‘Sherryjenix’ Nhan is the founder of eFightPass, an organization that assists non-US players to acquire a Visa and funding to compete in the United States. She is a leading female figure in the FGC as a personality and as a competitive player in Street Fighter. She’s best known for her love of C. Viper from Street Fighter 4 and Popeye’s Chicken.

Find how Sherry got into the Fighting Game Community. How did she make it into Season 2 of the Street Fighter League? And what was the story behind bringing Arslan Ash to the states to win Tekken 7 at EVO 2019?


Check out both parts of this interview below:


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*This article was posted with permission from the original content creator

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