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Event Form

Please fill out this form with as much information as you can. If you do not have any information for a particular field, feel free to leave it blank. Once submitted, someone on our team will respond to you as soon as possible if there are any additional questions or if your event was successfully/unsuccessfully listed.

Enter a link to a photo gallery from an image hosting service. This can be any galleries from Twitter, Facebook, Imgur, Photobucket, Dropbox etc. This will be used as your event's photo gallery. Limit 12 Maximum, JPEG preferred.

Please indicate if the game is part of a ranking series or tour. e.g. Tekken 7 (Dojo Event)

Please include platform (PS4, Switch, etc.), game rules, and any TO/bracket runner contact information.

If your event has concurrent games running or spans multiple days, feel free to send a link to the schedule.

Information such as venue rules, etiquette, behavior etc.

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