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EVO 2019 Announcements and Reveals Round Up

By Choysauce • August 6, 2019

EVO has become the hub for most world premieres for fighting game content. This year is no different and we had a TON of news for new seasons, DLC, and new games (it’s fighting games Christmas this year). We rounded them all up for you to see here.

*article has been updated to include information about the Riot Games announcement

*article has been updated again to include the Battle for the Grid announcement

Arc System Works

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle got 2 new fates (new franchise additions) announced with Senran Kagura and Akatsuki Blitzkamf joining their world. There will be a total of 4 characters released on November 21 and 5 more mystery characters released throughout the year.

Yumi, from the Senran Kagura series, is a fan wielding shinobi with ice and wind attacks.

Neo Politan from RWBY is a spy that sports her umbrella and tricky teleportation moves.

Akatsuki, with his electric punches, and Blitztank, being a tank, both heil from Akatsuki Blitzkamf.


You can see the full announcement trailer here:


Guilty Gear

A brand new Guilty Gear game was announced featuring Ky, Sol, and a brand new character. It shows an amazing upgrade in the graphics and animation departments, above the gold standard that Arc System Works has already set. The graphics feel like they go from anime TV episode to anime movie levels of quality.

With its title as “Guilty Gear”, it seems to be a possible reboot/prequel. This game is set to release sometime in 2020.


You can see the full teaser trailer here:

Bandai Namco


Season 3 for Tekken was announced with 2 character reveals. This season pass will be available on Sept 2019.

Zafina is the Egyptian contortionist fighter that utilizes her spider and scarecrow stances. She also has some sort of demon hand as a new addition to her move set.

Leroy Smith is a brand new character that utilizes the fighting style of Wing Chun, the style popularized by Ip Man and Bruce Lee.

The trailer also revealed that 2 more characters, 1 stage, and 1 new feature will be added to the game.


You can see the full reveal trailer here:


Soul Calibur VI

The final character for season 1 (Cassandra) was revealed along with details for season 2. No release date has been set for the season 2 DLC.

Cassandra returns with her sword and shield combination fighting style. She is available to download now.

A surprising cross over was announced with the inclusion of Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown for season 2.

Season 2 also gives new moves for every character. It also shows some new system mechanics with things that seem like a Reversal Edge cancel, a super Guard Impact, and EX moves.


Both trailers can be seen here below:


Dragonball FighterZ

The addition of Janemba and SSGSS Gogeta was announced after the DBFZ finals. Janemba will be available on August 8th 2019 and Gogeta has yet to have a release date.

Janemba, a popular villain from the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn”, comes to the fight with his sword strikes and portal techniques.

SSGSS Gogeta is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta from the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”.


Here is the announcement trailer for both characters here:


Street Fighter

The reveal for Street Fighter 5 was planned to happen at the finals at EVO but the reveal was unfortunately leaked accidentally by Valve early. These characters are available to download now.

E. Honda, the classic sumo wrestler makes his return to slam and slap everyone around.

Another fan favorite, Poison, is equipped with a whip to punish her foes.

The newest fighter, Lucia Morgan, hails from the Final Fight series. She brings her police training to the fight in the streets.

Capcom has also made some adjustments in a balance patch update. And there will be more big announcements coming up in November and December of 2019.


You can watch the trailer here:

French Bread

Undernight In-Birth

The latest version of Undernight In-Birth was announced with the subtitle of EXE Late [cl-r]. The game is slated to arrive early 2020.

Londrekia Light was announced as the new character, a staff wielding ice mage with an acrobatic fighting style.

Along with the new character there will be balance changes and new moves for every character.


Here is the reveal trailer below:



Samurai Shodown

New Characters for SamSho and patch with character balances and quality of life improvements for casual match mode. Rimururu and the patches will be coming next week.

A bonus DLC character, Shizumaru Hisame, will be included with the season 1 pass. Shizumaru fights with his katana and trick umbrella weapon. All the season pass characters will be released month by month starting in August with Rimururu.

They’ve also revealed the 1st character of Season 2, Mina Majikina the archer with her little companion, Chample.


You can watch the reveal trailer here:

The King of Fighters

At the very end of the Samurai Shodown trailer was the reveal for The King of Fighters XV. They only announced that it is currently in development. This is exciting news as Samurai Shodown has shown how much SNK has grown in terms of utilizing 3D to animate their games.


Riot Games

Tom Cannon confirmed that a brand new fighting game is currently under development by Riot Games. There is no other information about the announcement regarding the game itself or a release date.


Battle for the Grid

A new character was announced to be released soon for first season of DLC characters.

The popular villain, Lord Zedd, joins the fray to destroy all the rangers.


You can see the reveal trailer here:


Another amazing EVO with so many gifts from the developers. We love and appreciate all the hard work that EVO staff and all the game developers we support.

What was your favorite reveal? Let us know in the comments.

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