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How the Tekken World Tour is Growing the Fighting Game Community

Offcast analyzes how the TWT helps the local FGC scene

By Choysauce • August 21, 2019

The Tekken World Tour (TWT) is the premier tournament circuit for Tekken 7.

It is an 8 month tournament series that allow players to qualify for the World Tour Finals. Players will compete to earn points from Dojo, Challenger, Master, and Master+ events. The top 19 point leaders (and 1 from a Last Chance Qualifier) will duke it out to be the champion at the World Tour Final.

Offcast (@offcast) gives his take on why the TWT not only helps the top players but everyone who wants to play Tekken throughout the world. Richard Brojan (@biankeenee), Tournament Organizer of Rev Major, also gives his personal experience with how the TWT has helped the local fighting game scene in the Philippines.


Check out the full video below:

For more info on the details of the Tekken World Tour, you can find them here.


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*This article was posted with permission from the original content creator

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