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How to Acquire a Competitive Mindset 101

Professor Cuddle Core's class is now in session

By Choysauce • January 4, 2020

Cuddle Core teaches about acquiring a competitive mindset.

Cuddle Core is best known for her high level Alisa play in Tekken 7. She explains that she decided to teach this lesson to respond to people who ask her about how to get better at fighting games. The hour and a half lesson goes over many great tips and stories about her own journey in fighting games.

Cuddle Core organizes her lesson at 3 different levels of competition; local, regional, and worldwide. She goes over what the experience will be at each level of competition and the pros and cons of each are.

Tune in for the full class recording below:

Be sure to support Cuddle Core by subscribing to her YouTube channel here and Twitch channel here.

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