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Is the Rope Analogy OK to Use in Fighting Game Commentary?

Monkey Bizness shares concern about a commentary expression that could be problematic

By Choysauce • January 1, 2020

Monkey Bizness asks if the “rope analogy” is ok to use in fighting game commentary.

Monkey Bizness shares some concern with the usage of the phrase “giving them enough rope to hang themselves with” in commentary. He has 3 main issues with the usage of this phrase:

  1. The depiction of suicide in graphic wording.
  2. The false portrayal of the player’s intent.
  3. The lack of information given from the phrase.

He supports these premises with examples of DBFZ matches that analyze the player intent and ends the video with a huge list of alternative phrases.

See the full video explanation below:

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What are your thoughts on this take for the usage of this phrase in commentary? Let us know in the comments below.

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