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SoulCalibur VI Season 1 Tier Lists from Skyll, Linkorz, and Shen Chan

More of the SC6 World Invitational contestants responding to the tier list call

By Choysauce • November 12, 2019

Skyll, Linkorz, and Shen Chan share their SoulCalibur VI season 1 tier lists.

These tier lists are responses from a call for opinions from the SC6 World Invitational contenders.

All 3 tier list are ordered. No surprises to see Azwel alone up at S tier for everyone as his strength is bemoaned by a majority if not all of the Soul Calibur community. Staying consistent at the top as well is Siegfried, Ivy, Seong Mina, and Zasalamel. These characters are able to end rounds quickly with their great range, ring out potential, and damage output.

All 3 players placed Cassandra (missing icon) solidly within A tier.

Check out all of their tier lists below:

Skyll’s tier list:


Shen Chan’s tier list:


Linkorz’ tier list:

We’re still waiting to see if Yuttoto, Keev, or Lolomx will respond with their own lists.

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