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Thanksgiving in the Fighting Game Community

By Eli Horowitz • November 27, 2019

Recently, the mods of the r/StreetFighter subreddit asked what we in the Fighting Game Community are thankful for. Many of the responses are about games themselves – in various answers, people voice their gratitude for BlazBlue, Fatal Fury, Marvel vs. Capcom, Pokken, Samurai Shodown, SoulCalibur, Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros., Tekken, and UNIST. A few other answers focus on the FGC’s other great love, namely, food. But the overwhelming majority of the respondents credit the community itself. In doing so, they remind all of us what makes the FGC so special.

One key characteristic of the FGC is that it’s a grassroots entity. Even today, despite increasing support from game developers and other corporate partners, the vast majority of activity in the FGC is truly community-driven. We’re all here because we share a love in common, and we show that love through our work. That’s what Twitter user @BrianDeyErmand is thankful for.

Along with work comes growth and improvement. This is obviously true for competitors, but it’s equally true of tournament organizer, commentator, artist, musician, writer, and everyone else in the FGC. Together, we improve ourselves and gain inspiration from the improvements of others. @That_Masher speaks to this in his response.

By working in such close proximity with like-minded people, we naturally form close relationships with one another. Those relationships see us through good times and bad, as @SubtleBanter and @TriggerOfTheFGC note.

We can also be thankful this year that, despite the challenges the FGC faces, we continue to mature as a community. Growth in skill and scale are excellent, of course. Growth in honor and kindness are even better. This past year saw important steps for the community, from our growing support of overlooked regions to the Women of the FGC panel at the Evolution Championship Series. FGCers like @Bealank are thankful for – and part of – our continued maturation.

All in all, there’s no way to list each and every facet of the FGC that’s worthy of gratitude. That’s because we’re more than a hobby or a pastime. The FGC is a deep source of fellowship, creativity, motivation, and wisdom. Perhaps @Tanim_Ahmad summed it up best.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers in the US, and thank you to everyone who helps to put the FGC in the topmost of tiers!

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