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Watch Capcom Cup 2019 Last Chance Qualifier Here – Kinda

IRL streamers unite to help broadcast the LCQ due to cancelled stream

By Choysauce • December 12, 2019

IRL streamers are uniting to broadcast the Street Fighter V Last Chance Qualifier for Capcom Cup 2019.

Capcom Community Manager, Bizarro Mike, has reported that due to logistical reasons, there won’t be a stream for the Capcom Cup 2019 LCQ.

This has upset many Street Fighter fans as it is typical to stream the LCQ to see who will be competing in the last spot. But where there is blunder, there is innovation.

Thomas Winkley (@ThomasWinkley) has started a thread on r/Streetfighter to aggregate IRL streamers to help make up for the lack of a stream.

Be sure to tune in on Friday, December 13, at 10am PST. Click here for a Time Zone Converter.

If you are willing and able, let us know on Twitter @toptiergg if you’ll be planning to stream at the LCQ and we’ll add your stream to the page here!


*Big Update*

Yoshinori Ono has confirmed that there will now be a stream for the LCQ provided by Redbull Gaming.

To clarify, this seems to be supporting the IRL streamers that have been endorsed by Redbull Gaming to stream the matches.

They are currently hosting IRL streamers on their official Capcom fighting game stream here:

Watch live from all the participating IRL stream channels here:



Lil JB3


Alex Myers




Commander Jesse


Snake Eyez





Sako Noko


via Twitter @nooches


Be sure to thank these streamers and give them all a follow!

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