William “Leffen” Hjelte And Tsutomu “Kubo” Kubota Post Their Granblue Fantasy Versus Tier Lists

By on March 20, 2020

William “Leffen” Hjelte and Tsutomu “kubo” Kubota come from very different fighting game backgrounds. Hjelte is best known for his prowess in Super Smash Bros. Melee, whereas Kubota has made a name for himself in Street Fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and BlazBlue. But both are taking a look at Granblue Fantasy Versus, and both recently gave their thoughts on the roster.

Hjelte’s list is by far the most unorthodox of the two. So far, he’s drawn light criticism from Steve “Lord Knight” Barthelemy, Ricki Ortiz, and a few other community notables. On the other hand, both he and Kubota agree that Lowain is one of the weaker characters in the cast. Take a look at both of the lists for yourselves below, then follow Hjelte and Kubota on Twitter to keep up with their progress in the game.

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