Armada Shares His Smash Ultimate Version 7.0.0 Tier List

By on February 3, 2020

Armada is repeat champion of many Smash Melee tournaments and is heralded one of the 5 gods of Smash. He was a dominating force in competitive Melee and has a ton of accolades, such as being a 2 time EVO and APEX champ, 5 time Dreamhack champ, and 3peating Genesis. Although he has retired from competitive Smash Melee in 2018, he still plays Smash casually and streams the game on his Twitch channel.

He gave his thoughts on the balance for Smash Ultimate 7.0.0 in this ordered tier list ranging from S to F. The new tier list is timely with the addition of Byleth from Fire Emblem and tweaks to some of the cast. We don’t see too many changes from who the community seems to consider S tier. The surprising picks here are R.O.B. and Game & Watch, who are still considered pretty high tier around A.

Here is his full tier list below:

Check out the full video explanation below:

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