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FGC Resources

If you have any resources you’d like to submit, contact us here or @toptiergg

Community Resources

FGC Glossary by Infilament

FGC Discord Compendium by thSyniez

Input Lag Compendium by WydD

Monitor Display Lag by DisplayLag

Street Fighter League Stats by TheGameTwok

HiFight Highlights by HiFightTH

Player vs Player Stats by FGCombo

Netcode Guide by Infilament

Frame Data

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle by Dustloop

Guilty Gear Xrd by Dustloop

Killer Instinct by Infilament

Mortal Kombat 11 by Kombat Akademy

Smash Ultimate by Ultimate Frame Data

Street Fighter V by FAT

Soul Calibur VI by 8wayrun

Tekken 7 by RBNorway

Mobile Apps

Smash Ultimate App [Android] by Ultimate Frame Data

Tekken 7 App [Android][iOS] by T7 Chicken

Tekken 7 Throw Break Training [Android][iOS] by BoxeRKing

Street Fighter V App [Android][iOS] by FAT

Guilty Gear Xrd [Android] by GunFrame

AFGC Game Frame Data Analyzer [Android] by Jaxas

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