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Bas Shares His Capcom vs SNK 2 Tier List

Legendary CvS2 player shares THE list

By Choysauce • November 1, 2019

Bas (@Ryo151) shares his Capcom vs SNK 2 tier list.

Bas is a legendary CvS2 player that has a decorated history with the game. He is one of few people whose name is synonymous with the game they play. His personal top two victories were when he got a 90 win streak with 1 credit and his win at Evolution 2005.

He definitely has the credentials to make a credible tier list. Sagat, the cr.HP monster, and Blanka with his Roll-cancel electrics don the “CVS2” tier crown. No surprise as well with the A-grooving Sakura Shoshosho and Bison painting the fence at “Cheap” tier.

See his full tier list below:

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