Bluegod Shares His SoulCalibur VI Season 2 Tier List

By on February 5, 2020

Bluegod is arguably one of the top 2 best SoulCalibur VI players in the world right now. Most recently, he has taken the title for Evo Japan 2020 over Yuttoto, who bested him in the finals for EVO 2019, despite his character (Azwel) being nerfed.

The tier list he’s made ranges from A+ to B+ with the top tiers not being in order. Much of the community seems to agree with picks like Raphael and Zasalamel being very strong in this version. The surprising pick (and somewhat contentious) is Talim which many players deem as a mid tier character.

Cassandra is placed in the A tier due to this list missing her icon. He seems to be unsure where to play Hilde as she is still relatively new to this iteration of the game.

See his full tier list below:

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