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Floe Shares His Too Early Granblue Fantasy Versus Tier List

By Choysauce • February 10, 2020

Granblue Fantasy Versus has dropped for the East Asian region and many players have already started the grind.

Naturally with how fervently the Fighting Game Community works to break down the systems and characters, we have some tier lists popping up about early impressions of character strength. So Floe, competitive fighting game player and streamer, gave his thoughts on the base roster.

We see the list broken down from S tier down to D tier. Up in the S tier is Metera, Ferry, and Zeta. These character have great abilities to control the battlefield from many ranges and have great tools to mix up the opponent.

The one choice he was teetering on choosing between S and A is Charlotta. Her small size, great speed, and seemingly hard to punish move set has really caused a lot of people to be very annoyed from playing against her.

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