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Guilty Gear Strive’s Jack-O Beginner’s Guide, Ver1.09 patch notes now live

The minion master approaches.

By Robert Smith • August 26, 2021

Arc System Works released a new beginner’s guide video for upcoming Guilty Gear Strive DLC character Jack-O. Full patch notes for version 1.09 of Strive are also available, detailing changes coming in this weekend’s update.

The Jack-O guide video breaks down the returning character’s special mechanics and overall strategy. Jack-O’s adorable servants have special properties that set her apart from the rest of Strive’s current roster. Players will need to master the minions to get the most out of her toolset.

Apart from adding Jack-O, the version 1.09 patch makes numerous adjustments to existing characters and fixes various bugs. Every character in Strive will get at least a few tweaks from this patch, though few will see significant change.

Developer Arc System Works confirmed recently that this patch is the first of two changes to the state of Guilty Gear Strive. Version 1.09 will focus on small tweaks to existing moves, while another update planned for October will “make detailed overall adjustments to improve the depth and fun of the game.”

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