How Fighting Games are Being Held Back in 2019

Majin Obama delves into the roadblocks of current fighting games
By on November 25, 2019

Majin Obama (@2djazz) gives his take on the current state of the development of fighting games as a genre.

Obama’s main point is that there is a lack of uniform progression among fighting game developers holding the genre back. He bemoans the fact that in this day and age that some games still have bad tutorials and lacking of features like button assignment in character select screens.

He also has the sentiment that there is no focus on who game developers are targeting when setting up the package of features in their games. Many of the solutions have been solved in many different games. He cites Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution having robust tutorials and frame data back in 2002-2003.

To him it seems that fighting game developers constantly try to reinvent the wheels for features that have already been done well. He hopes that devs, especially the Japanese ones, will embrace more open communication and transparency when it comes to feedback on the features we want as a community.

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