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Power Rangers Battle for the Grid Season 3 Teaser Revealed

Two out of three new characters announced for the next season

By Choysauce • May 25, 2020

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 3 has been officially announced.

The teaser trailer shows off two of the three new characters being added to the game, Jungle Fury Purple Wolf Ranger and Super Samurai Red Ranger.

Robert “RJ” James is the Wolf Ranger. RJ is born the son of Master Finn who is a specialist in the art of Pai Zhua (Shark Style). RJ felt this style didn’t fit him and let to a rift in their relationship and went to find another master. He was mentored by Master Swoop who taught him his signature “swoop technique”.

Lauren Shiba is the Super Samurai Red Ranger. Lauren is the head of the Shiba House so she has the ability the master their special “Sealing Symbol”. This grants a stronger fire power the more generations it is passed down to.

Many are speculating that the 3rd mysterious character is the villain, Scorpina, from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. The shape of the head wear and the pauldron on the left shoulder may have been too much of a give away, but we’ll have to confirm when its officially announced.

Check out the full teaser trailer here below:


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