Riot Games Officially Announces Their New Fighting Game

See the first glimpse of the game dubbed Project L
By on October 15, 2019

In a surprise announcement today, Riot Games has announced their new fighting game, dubbed Project L, among a new shooter and a card game.

One of the Cannon brothers explained that they are taking the world of Rune Terra and turning it into a fighting game. This was a badly kept secret after the Cannon brother’s studio, Radiant Entertainment, was bought out. They were developing a beginner friendly fighting game known as Rising Thunder, so we’re keen to see if similar mechanics will be present in this new Rune Terra fighting game.

They announced that they “will be going dark for a while” so we’ll be patiently waiting for more details on this exciting new game.

See the clip of him talking about the new fighter here with some behind the scenes clips:


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