See Curtis “Rewind” McCall’s MK11 Tier List

Another pro puts Cetrion and Geras in the same tier as Liu Kang
By on October 13, 2019

Currently ranked #7 on the Pro Kompetition leaderboard and with multiple first-place finishes under his belt, Curtis “Rewind” McCall is a major threat in Mortal Kombat 11. You can see his thoughts on the game’s balance below.

Like TrueUnderdawg, Deoxys, and Mustard, Rewind places Cetrion and Geras alongside Liu Kang in his relatively large S tier. Also notable is the fact that his “unviable” tier is empty. In other words, Rewind believes that every character in the game can be a threat in the right hands. This is a high compliment for any fighting game pro to give. Hopefully it means we’ll see a wide variety of character representation as the Pro Kompetition season reaches its finale in late November.

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