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Super Smash Bros. Melee Gets the Unofficial Roll Back Net Code Treatment allows for

By Choysauce • June 22, 2020

The demand for roll back net code has started a revolution when it comes to fighting games. Triple A devs and indie devs alike have been cracking on to try and deliver especially in these times when playing games at home is the only option. The Smash Melee community (and any GC/Wii game players) is the next community to enjoy the fruits of this revolution.

Roll net code is a way to program how a game will handle latency over the internet when players match up together. The roll back style is preferred because it feels more responsive for players vs its counterpart known as delay based net code. Roll back is much more difficult to program so it is not as available in many online games but it is increasingly gaining more demand. You can read more about the nitty gritty of this code here.

Fizzi36 has broken his back for 7 months of full time work to code This add-on to the Dolphin (Nintendo Wii) emulator will allow for integrated match making, replays, auto updates, and most importantly, roll back netcode.

(We at do not endorse illegal downloads of games, you must properly purchase the licensing and rights to support publishers)

You can see top Smash Melee player, Leffen, demo the new update here:

Check out the official announcement tweet below:

Be sure to support this huge project by visiting and donating for its development or subscribe to Fizzi’s Patreon to help fund more great projects like this.

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