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Supernoon Shares His Dragon Ball FighterZ Assist Tier List

By Choysauce • November 15, 2019

Supernoon (@TheSupernoon) shares his Dragon Ball FighterZ assist tier list.

No surprise to see yet again GT Goku, Yamcha, and Kid Buu up at the top. They all have great utility for combos and lock down for mix-ups. Trunks’ ‘Change the Future’ assist being super fast and having a huge hitbox definitely makes sense as an S tier assist.

The surprise entry here is Android 17 being up at S. Supernoon explains that the counter automatically activating into an attack makes it useful against opponents that relentlessly attack. The scaling is also great as a first attack and explodes characters when you convert the 17 assist.

See his full tier list below:

See the full video explanation below:

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