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This First to 100 Wins Match Raised Over $1000 to Help a Member of the FGC Get Back on their Feet

No Good Citizens dukes it out with Andala in Street Fighter V to help out Raptor FGC

By Choysauce • September 4, 2020

<p>STREET FIGHTER V_20160211203406</p>

STREET FIGHTER V_20160211203406

The Fighting Game Community is every sense of the word, a community. When someone is struggling, there’s people in the community willing to lend a helping hand.

To help Raptor to get some aid to beat homelessness, No Good Citizen set up a fundraiser with what the FGC does best, fighting. A first to 100 wins match was set up between him and Andala in Street Fighter V. Through this single event, over $1000 dollars was raised to go straight to Raptor

This endurance match was a great showing of the high level match up between G (NoGoodCitizen) and Kolin (Andala). The stream also gets a surprise spicy guest to break up the action a bit, but you’ll have to watch to see who it is.

You can watch the entire first to 100 match here:

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