Untechable Performance Offers Healthy Habits For Long Term Success in 2020

Make these your FGC New Year's resolutions
By on January 3, 2020

Very little is more satisfying than winning a perfect round in a fighting game. Sometimes, though, the act of chasing perfection causes more stress than pleasure. This is one of the insights that Untechable Performance recently posted on their Twitter account. Untechable Performance focuses on contributing to the health and welfare of the Fighting Game Community, both by providing services at events and by posting helpful tips and small pieces of wisdom online. Their “2020 Habits for Long-Term Success” encourage us to “Aim for Consistency, not Perfection.”

That’s good advice whether you’re working on your bread-and-butter combos, your bench press, or any other project. No matter which goals you’re chasing or how you’re working towards them, it’s crucial to allow yourself to experience some bumps along the way. Nobody ever got to Diamond rank without going through Silver and Gold first, and nobody ever ran a marathon without first working their way up to a 5K. Remember, even world-champion fighting game players lose rounds, games, and sets. Stick to your good habits and you, too, will “make the best out of 2020”!

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