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Why Good Netcode is the Most Important Thing Fighting Games Need Today

Hold Back to Block interviews Keits on the merits of rollback net code

By Choysauce • November 25, 2019

Hold Back to Block interviews Adam “Keits” Hart in part for their upcoming Killer Instinct documentary.

Keits argues that the online environment needs fast match making with quality connections that feel like they’re offline. Making net code good will open up the pool of available online players for any given search and make it a great experience.

See the detailed explanation of how roll back net code works and if it could be retrofitted to current fighting games.

See the full interview below:

Be sure to support Hold Back to Block by subscribing to their YouTube channel here and Patreon here.

Also support Keits by purchasing a copy of Killer Instinct to get ready for the KI Revival movement.

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